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Through Amalara Game Studio, I design, write, and publish table-top role-playing games and the systems that power them. I focus on producing games that reward creativity, heroism, and teamwork, even though some of them are supposed to be scary and most can be played solo.

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Land of the Crane

I founded Amalara Game Studio to publish the Land of the Crane campaign setting. A world inspired by manga, anime, and a healthy dose of kung-fu films, it began life as a setting for Dungeons and Dragons, 3rd edition. As the world grew and matured, it was re-written as a campaign setting for the True20 system and was published by Green Ronin in their True 20: Worlds of Adventure supplement.


Your only child has been taken by goblins to the underground city of Ix, where they mine coal and tend to the great clockwork contraptions that run your perfect world. You want to remember their name. You want to hold them in your arms, again. You want to bring them home. Journey into the Underground by yourself or with a team to find your child in this short, two-page TTRPG of urban fantasy.