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My latest project is Heroic Tales, the genre-neutral role-playing game of heroic problem solving.

  • Heroic Tales - the core mechanics
  • Wendigo - a solo, journaling RPG about being chased through a dark and dangerous forest by a mysterious creature

I founded Amalara Game Studio to publish the Land of the Crane campaign setting. A world inspired by manga, anime, and a healthy dose of kung-fu films, it began life as a setting for Dungeons and Dragons, 3rd edition. As the world grew and matured, it was re-written as a campaign setting for the True20 system and was published by Green Ronin in their True 20: Worlds of Adventure supplement.

Amalara published several free supplements for the True20 version:

Amalara also published a series of supplements for Dungeons & Dragons 3E called Dungeon Dive:

Material for the Land of the Crane is now available in 5E: