book review: superbug

After having read Mira Grant’s fabulous work of zombie fiction, FEED, in which a terrible virus extracts an even more terrible toll on the world at large, I found myself on a virology kick and decided to read the new book, Superbug, by Maryn McKenna. The story of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (known by its acronym, MRSA) might not, at first blush, seem that exciting when compared to Grant’s captivating horror fiction.


FEED is a book about living with zombies. More precisely, it is about living in a near future where zombies have appeared and the world has entered into an uneasy equilibrium with them. The protagonists are young bloggers who are chosen to cover a presidential campaign; for them, the break that propels them into the big leagues - and a step up from poking zombies with sticks on camera. The author, Seanan McGuire, writing as Mira Grant, paints a convincing and thorough picture of life after the Rising.