ink review: pelikan edelstein ruby

Rating: 3.0 October 09, 2010 Pelikan has just released a new line of premium inks called Edelstein, which means “gemstone” in German. There are seven colors in the line, all intended to represent a jewel tone: Onyx, Sapphire, Topaz, Jade, Aventurine, Mandarin, and Ruby. As of the date of this review, all but Onyx are available via US retailers. Like many ink collectors, I was eagerly awaiting the line, and I ordered a bottle of Ruby as soon as I got word that they were in.

ink review: pelikan blue black

Rating: 4.0 September 21, 2010 Pelikan Blue Black is a member of Pelikan’s 4001 ink line – their standard, bottled fountain pen inks. It is a pleasant blue-grey that reminds me of denim, and is moderately saturated while exhibiting a modicum of shading. The color of the ink is not dramatically affected by the color of paper – it lays down a consistent line on both bright-white Rhodia paper and off-white Moleskine paper.