a very tiny spider

A very tiny spider pranced around atop my head. It shimmied down my earlobe, and then dangled from a thread. It scurried down my shoulder, and then scuttled down my arm, While I watched with much amusement, since it clearly meant no harm. Oh, where do spiders wander when they walk across the floor? Do they have a spider family waiting just outside the door? I hope its web is warm and soft when the day comes to an end.

the cows all fly

The cows all fly on aeroplanes Beneath the bright blue sky Up there amongst the wind and clouds Up there, up oh-so high


The snowman is a friend of mine He came to town today He hitched a ride with Santa Claus And rode in on his sleigh

the candy canes all love to dance

The candy canes all love to dance Beneath the Christmas tree With snowmen, elves, and reindeer, too They sing a song for me And as for you, they’ll sing one, too You only have to say, “Oh, candy canes, please sing a song For me this Christmas day.”

mushroom people

The mushroom people are always dreary. They never smile and they’re never cheery. They build their houses under rotting logs And spend every day in the stinking bogs. I think you’d be likely to wear a frown If you had to live in the mushroom town.

cats and dogs

The cats and dogs of Shangri-la Parade around the town, With drums and flutes and tubas, too, From morning ‘till sundown. When, late at night, they snuggle tight And settle down to sleep, There in their dreams they learn the tunes And rhythms they must keep. Then, when they wake, they gather up The instruments they play, And, one by one, they fall in line To march another day.


Not all spiders are hairy and scary, Some of them are really quite nice. They spend their day chasing bad bugs away, So before you squish one, think twice!


Atop the blade of grass he stood – The mighty little ant that could. “Why climb,” the other ants had asked? “Because it’s there,” he’d said at last.

a very tiny kangaroo

A very tiny kangaroo About three inches high Hopped up to me one afternoon And looked me in the eye “Why hello Roo, how do you do?” I asked the little guy (He had no pouch Which is how, you see That I knew that the roo Was a he and not she) The roo and me, we drank some tea As the afternoon rolled by We lay in the grass and watched the clouds

goliath and me

If I had a dog named Goliath There’s nothing that we wouldn’t do We’d spend every day together and play Together forever, we two We’d climb to the top of a mountain And swim to the floor of the sea We’d sail away for a year and a day Together, Goliath and me If I had a dog named Goliath There’s nowhere that we wouldn’t go We’d fly to the moon in a big red balloon