the cows all fly

The cows all fly on aeroplanes Beneath the bright blue sky Up there amongst the wind and clouds Up there, up oh-so high


The snowman is a friend of mine He came to town today He hitched a ride with Santa Claus And rode in on his sleigh


I’m monochromatic today My color has faded away I’m black and I’m white I’m dark and I’m light I’m one hundred shades of all gray

the candy canes all love to dance

The candy canes all love to dance Beneath the Christmas tree With snowmen, elves, and reindeer, too They sing a song for me And as for you, they’ll sing one, too You only have to say, “Oh, candy canes, please sing a song For me this Christmas day.”

chili haiku

a whisper of spice engulfs the mouth with delight - chili awaits you

for my dad, on his birthday

The tiny acorn lifts its head And sees the mighty tree “When I grow tall and I grow strong That’s what I’d like to be” So now I grow and everyday I’m thankful for you, Dad — The greatest tree to strive to be An acorn ever had

a birthday poem…

The monsters wake upon this day To crawl out of their graves To shamble forth from fetid bogs And slither out of caves They fly from fright’ning mountain tops Out of their wicked lairs They peek between the closet doors And shamble up the stairs With sharpened fangs and dripping claws They bear their frightful gifts A bunch of skulls, a clutch of bones, Some fingers, toes and ribs At once they bow to you, my dear

i am not afraid to rust

I am not afraid to rust, Or to gather a little dust – A cobweb here, some mildew there, And the charming scent of must. But to be left without a care, Like a sock upon the stair – Alone, ignored, barely discussed – Would be more than I could bear.

good morning

Good morning, pretty sleepyhead. I miss you as you lie in bed, While hiding from the morning light, And trying to extend the night. You turn and shut your weary eyes, While, up above, the night-time skies Transform into a golden day; You fight to keep the world away. So now I sit and watch the clock. With every tick and every tock, I count the minutes patiently, And wait for you to come to me.


TIME! There is not enough time enough there is not enough time enough there is not enough TIME! Tick. Tock. Tick tock. Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock Incessant ticking of the clock Incessant ticking never stops – it’s Quarter ‘till five Ten ‘till four Five ‘till three Three ‘till two Two One TIME! Alarm goes off. Get out of bed. Get dressed. Brush teeth. Get in car. Go to work.