the animal ball

A cat and a mouse went waltzing one day
They danced round the floor hand in hand
Said the cat to the mouse, “They’re playing our song,
I think this is our favorite band.”

The mouse wore a top hat and bow tie
For he was always impeccably dressed
His whiskers were combed out and straightened
And his shiny black shoes matched his vest

The cat wore a ball gown of violet
And her earrings shone bright like the sun
Of all the cats on the dance floor that day
She was by far the most beautiful one

They bowed to the walrus and goldfish
The Duke and the Duchess of Dahl
Whose magnificent undersea mansion
Played home to the animal ball

They waved to the tuna and dolphin
Had tea with the spider and snake
The tortoise stopped by to chat and say “Hi”
Before swimming back home to his lake

The band played on, long into the night
And the mouse and the cat danced away
Till the clock’s tingling chime finally signaled the time
When the sun turned the night into day