ink questions

I’ve received a few requests for recommendations recently, and thought I’d share them with everyone here on Seize the Dave.

First, Nestor asks (via email):

Would you kindly suggest some inks that will not harm my nib or pen, and that will not smear on Moleskines?

Hi Nestor! I’d be happy to. First, I presume that by “not smear” you mean “fully waterproof.” There are a great many inks that are smudgeproof, but few that are truly waterproof. The best group of fully waterproof inks that I’ve found are the Platinum pigment inks. I’ve reviewed the Carbon and Rose Red inks. While I warn, in the reviews, that it is extra important not to let this ink dry in one’s pen, in practice I’ve had no issues. Don’t let your pen sit uncapped, and don’t let it sit unused for a month at a time, and you should be ok. The Carbon, especially, is a lovely ink to work with, and is now my reference black color.

Now, I have heard reports that Carbon can smudge on certain paper, since it dries on the surface instead of soaking in. I didn’t notice this on Moleskine, but if other Moleskine users would like to chime in with their experience, I’d be happy to hear it.

Second, Ian asked, via Twitter:

Just read your review on the Behance Dot Grid Journal from last July. Did you ever find a really great dedicated notebook?

I did! The Rhodia Webbie is one of the best notebooks for fountain pen users on the market. I wholeheartedly recommend it. They’ve even come out with a dot-grid version, which makes an already awesome thing even more awesome.

Finally, @NoPenIntended asked (via Twitter):

I feel I should try more inks than just Noodler’s. I’ve tried J. Herbin but found Noodler’s superior. Any suggestions (w/multiple colors)?

Diamine is currently my favorite ink brand. It is consistently well-behaved and has a great selection of colors. I pointed her to the Goulet Pen Company, which is where I’ve purchased all of my Diamine inks. As far as I know, he offers every color they make, and he’s got a good selection of online swatches to help guide you in the right direction.