why tumblr?

Loomi asks:

Why did you choose Tumblr for your weblog? What do you appreciate about Tumblr, and what would you fix about it? Will you tell me something about Tumblr people? Do you like your traffic for instance? 

So why Tumblr? Well, I had a blogger account for quite a while and never used it. I think the tools and choices were too overwhelming. It is a service that’s geared to longish blog posts.

When I first saw Tumblr, I immediately took a liking to it. It is very easy to sign up and get started with Tumblr, and, as a blogging service, very easy to use. They give options for posting text, images, audio, video, and links (among other things) - and they’re each quite intuitive. Plus, I didn’t feel pushed toward creating long blog posts. It is quite possible to do so, but Tumblr just has a more colloquial feel to it.

Once I started using the service, I quickly grew to love it. Of course, so did everyone else, so it’s been having some infrastructure issues lately. However, the Tumblr staff have been working tirelessly to upgrade their servers and code to bring stability back to the service, so I’m willing to be patient on that front.

As to the people - well, the people here are wonderful. I’ve met a lot of great poetry, art, and all-around cool people here on Tumblr. I have about a 1 to 1 post-to-follower ratio currently, which I figure isn’t too bad. Outside of Tumblr followers, I get about 1000 visits per month right now, which isn’t huge but isn’t too bad either. Most of that comes from writing ink and paper reviews and from networking with all the cool fountain pen people out there.

So if you’re considering a place to start a blog, you won’t go wrong with Tumblr.