In the Land of the Crane, shadowy ninja silently slip through the night, gathering secrets and assassinating their enemies. Mystic onmyōji struggle to keep the five elemental forces of nature in balance, and ascetic monks train in the arts of unarmed combat, so they might have the stamina necessary to spend days in meditation.

Powerful nobles engage in political machinations as they vie for control of the shogunate. Poverty-stricken peasants labor in their masters' fields, harvesting rice and wheat, and brave samurai ride headlong into battle to bring honor and glory to their clans.

In the Land of the Crane, spirits inhabit the land, spreading fortune and prosperity to those that appease them, and famine and pestilence to those that do not.

Mischievous foxes, hungry ghosts and celestial dragons threaten the security of the Empire just as much as the lizard-riding barbarians of the Hordelands or the ruthless Warlords of Xin.

It is these turbulent times that give rise to heroes; men and women who will defend the Empire, earn glory for their clans and bring honor to their ancestors.

Game Materials

The Land of the Crane began life as a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, 3rd edition. It is a world inspired by manga and anime, in addition to a healthy dose of kung-fu films. As the world grew and matured, it was re-written as a campaign setting for the True20 system and was published by Green Ronin in their True 20: Worlds of Adventure supplement.

Amalara, the company I created to support the True20 version of the world, published several free supplements, which are available below.


You can follow the adventures of the two campaigns I ran in the Land of the Crane. The stories are told in order, so be sure to start at the beginning of each.

Journey to the Fire Crane

This is the original campaign that led to the creation of the Land of the Crane. Five heroes from the clan Kurosawa journey from their homeland to the mountains far to the north, where they must deliver an offering to the great spirit known as the Fire Crane. The Journey to the Fire Crane blog records the actions of the party through the first major adventure they tackle.

Kobayashi the Devourer

My current gaming group is playing a team of four young women whose clan, Tokugawa, was devoured by the evil spirit known as Kobayashi the Devourer. You can follow their adventures to avenge their clan, fight evil cultists, and rebuild their han on the Kobayashi the Devourer blog. Currently ongoing.


Potential Land of the Crane campaign setting cover image.

Potential Land of the Crane campaign setting cover image.

Keiko portrait comissioned from  Nashya .

Keiko portrait comissioned from Nashya.

Fukasu portrait commissioned from  Melissa Somerville .

Fukasu portrait commissioned from Melissa Somerville.