Session 49

The characters are horrified by Kakuzo’s transformation, but they notice that hanging around his neck are the six statuettes of Mizuta, including the ones they had recovered and sold to the Jade Fist. They react before Kakuzo has a chance to move. Asami dashes forward through the ruined garden and uses her assassinate ability to inflict significant damage. Miyo follows up with a flaming sphere.

Kakuzo, then, grabs one of the jade statues hanging around his neck and concentrates. The space surrounding him is suddenly filled with ephemeral duplicates - dozens of copies of Kakuzo, swirling and menacing and crackling with necrotic energy. Saeko stays out of reach of the spirit guardians aura and tries to shortcut the fight with a confusion spell. Unfortunately, Kakuzo resists.

Kumiko dashes forward and uses her menacing attack on him; her flurry of blows succeeds in frightening him. Everyone except Kumiko attempts to get out of the area of effect of the spirit guardians. Asami resorts to falling back and throwing non-magical daggers, which only do half damage. Because everyone is out of reach, Kakuzo attacks Kumiko, even through he is at a disadvantage in trying to hit her. He misses.

Asami makes up for the reduced damage of the daggers by making a critical hit, and bloodies Kakuzo. Miyo is caught in Kakuzo's aura and takes significant damage, so she rams the flaming sphere into him again, and then casts witch bolt.

Now severely hurt, Kakuzo withdraws and flies toward the palace gate. Doing so takes him out of range of the witch bolt spell, which ends its ongoing effect. Kumiko heals herself, then runs up next to Kakuzo to press the attack. Asami makes another critical hit with a dagger, and manages to disrupt Kakuzo's concentration, which ends the spirit guardians.

Miyo uses magic missile to whittle Kakuzo down even further. Kakuzo tries to get one last hit in on Kumiko before fleeing for good, but he misses, which gives Kumiko the opportunity to riposte, killing him.

The characters take the necklace of cursed statuettes off of him, and then sets fire to his body. Saeko jokes about selling the statuettes a second time, but Kumiko insists on destroying them.

Kumiko tells Isako, the Captain of the Guard, about the figurines and their plan to destroy them. She feels that they have a giant target painted on them now that they have them, and she asks for protection until they can get rid of them for good.