Session 46

Taian (5/5)

Saeko opens the encounter by casting hypnotic pattern, and manages to successfully transfix the dragon. With the biggest threat temporarily neutralized the other characters close in on the yūrei inu. One of the undead dogs open its mouth to howl, but instead lets loose with a blast of necrotic energy. The enervating blast takes out one of the urokobito and one of the ashigaru.

Kumiko tells the guards to flee, and the remaining urokobito and ashigaru run away. She then uses her sun blade to quickly silence the two yūrei inu. Saeko tries to use her medicine skill to stabilize the fallen ashigaru and urokobito, but fails, putting them closer to death.

While the dragon stares off into the distance, Saeko devises a plan to chain it down. She tosses Kumiko several sets of manacles and tells her to daisy chain them together then put them around the dragon’s neck. Unfortunately, while Kumiko does get the manacles affixed to the dragon, the effort rouses it from its stupor, and it rears back and lets out an angry roar.

Then it turns toward the characters and lets loose with a gout of black flame. Its breath weapon nearly takes out the entire party — Miyo is only left alive because of her arcane ward. Asami fares the best, as her finely honed reflexes allow her to dodge most of the blast.

Near death, the party fights even harder. Miyo uses witch bolt to deal a significant amount lighting damage to the dragon. Asami moves next to Kumiko, allowing her to take advantage of the dragon’s divided attention to get in significant sneak attack damage.

Saeko heals Kumiko, who then uses a menacing attack to make the dragon frightened of her. With Kumiko in its line of sight, the dragon is far less effective at dealing damage with its fearsome claws and fangs. The party trades blows with the dragon, and manages to kill it before it has a chance to use its breath weapon again.

Saeko uses cure wounds to bring back the ashigaru and urokobito who fell to the yūrei inn’s breath weapon at the beginning of the fight. They are extremely grateful and run off quickly. The characters discuss the situation briefly before deciding to fight another dragon.

They run to the Chrysanthemum district to tackle the green dragon and arrive to find a horrible scene in the marketplace: the area has been torn asunder and bodies litter the ground. In front of them, they see a line of frightened ashigaru facing down the green shadow dragon and a handful of growling zombies.