Session 44

Tomobiki (5/2)

Kumiko asks Saeko and Miyo if they can close the portal. Saeko’s at a bit of a loss, but Miyo is confident that she can seal the rift in reality. Saeko uses bardic inspiration to boost Miyo’s chances, and Miyo casts dispel magic. Her attempt to undo the evil magic is wildly successful. Black tentacles lash out of the portal and are then sucked back in as the portal collapses in on itself.

As soon as the portal closes, the horrible drone that filled the cavern stops. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, the characters turn and rapidly leave the caverns.

Once they emerge from the underground lair of horrible evil, Kumiko realizes that they’re expected at the palace. She instructs guards to arrest anyone who tries to come in, and then the group heads back to the Fragrant Fern to clean themselves up.