Session 43

Kumiko fells the remaining wight and the kitsune ninja backs up to reveal a blood magic circle and frightening statue of Kobayashi. The scent of copper is thick in the air, and a fine red mist swirls slowly around the statue. The group is understandably wary of engaging the kitsune while she is standing in the circle, so Miyo casts an empowered Magic Missile spell, which does significant damage.

Asami and Saeko contribute with ranged attacks of their own, and then Kumiko closes in. She attempts to disarm the kitsune, but the ninja keeps hold of her weapon. However, Kumiko drops her with a subsequent hit, and then uses the sun blade to take her head off. The whole group breathes a sigh of relief.

Saeko and Miyo confer about how best to eliminate the blood magic circle while Asami and Kumiko poke around. As they beat back the shadows, they see a wooden cage holding a frightened peasant. When the peasant sees friendly faces, she plaintively whimpers, “Help, help, help, help...” Her mind has clearly been torn asunder by the horrors that she’s witnessed, so Asami opens the cage and Kumiko works to calm her down.

Asami then takes a closer look at a desk and workbench tucked into an alcove behind the cage. The workbench is covered in instruments that only have one purpose - to inflict as much pain as possible. Asami moves quickly to the desk, but forgets to check for traps before she opens it and gets stabbed with a poisoned needle. She curses her carelessness, but her curiosity is rewarded by a set of notes that are wrapped in a scented cloth and tied with a red ribbon. Whoever collected them clearly did so with care and affection.

Saeko uses Lesser Restoration to heal Asami while Kumiko manages to calm the peasant down. Once the blood magic circle is destroyed, the entire group demolishes the Kobayashi statue. They debate whether to press on, but Saeko convinces them to take the peasant back to the surface before continuing. Fortunately, they are able to drop her off with a guardsman before heading back in.

They make their way back through the complex and pass the statue that they just destroyed. The horrible drone gets louder and louder as they make their way through the twisting tunnel. Kumiko keeps tossing a torch out in front of the group, but still gets hit by an arrow out of the darkness. They toss the torch farther to reveal two wights waiting for them. Saeko uses Shatter to deal significant damage to the wights, gets an arrow to her chest for her trouble, and then lights the culprit up with Hellish Rebuke.

The wight who was set on fire by Saeko withdraws back down the tunnel, leaving the other to impede the group. Kumiko throws a shuriken and does significant damage. Asami gets up close, but misses, and Miyo misses with Fire Bolt. The wight tries to fight back, but, alone, it is no match for the characters and quickly succumbs to the next round of attacks.

The group takes a short rest, and then continues on. They push past two necrotic rifts, dodging black tentacles, and then enter into a chamber that is the source of the deafening drone. In front of them is a rift in reality itself: a portal to Mizuta, the corrupted town where Kobayashi was summoned.