Session 40

After a few minutes of tending to their wounds, the characters move on. As they wander farther into the cave system, they spot torchlight emanating from around a bend in the passageway ahead. They carefully survey the scene without being spotted. In a very large cavern is a set of tables clustered together — resembling a mess hall. At one table, a group of emaciated men dressed like Mist Tigers sits playing cards. The characters determine that they resemble the wights that had guarded the Raven.

Miyo decides to take no chances, and opens the encounter with a fireball. While it doesn’t take them out completely, it does surprise them and do a great deal of damage. Before anyone else can cross the distance and get into position to attack them directly, she finishes the job with a second fireball.

As they examine the smoldering wreckage, the characters notice that the un-damaged tables are filled with dishware that doesn’t appear to have been used within the last few days.

Down another tunnel, past the mess hall, the characters find a smaller cave filled with barrels and boxes of supplies and sundries. They’re covered with a very fine layer of dust, but they look like they’ve been decaying for months. Saeko surmises that the negative energy infusing the caverns is accelerating their decay, and that whatever foul program they have in place to turn their clansmen into undead has recently accelerated.

The group presses on and runs straight into another roper. Having learned from their first encounter, they optimize their tactics. Kumiko dashes straight in to deal as much damage as possible as quickly as possible, while the other characters stay out of tendril reach and provide support. This approach proves fruitful, and they dispatch it quickly.

The group takes another short rest before pressing on. Saeko sings a Song of Rest over the pulsing drone that reverberates throughout the cavern, accelerating their healing process.

Next, the characters find a large cave set up as a barracks. Sleeping rolls line the floor of the cavern, and the characters quickly search through them for any useful information. They do find a note written from one of the Mist Tiger genin. It is addressed to “My Dearest Little Flower,” and states that the author is looking forward to taking the recipient out to see the giant banners in a week’s time.

As they’re looking around, a gibbering mouther appears out of the darkness. Saeko counter-charms the mouther’s insanity-causing gibbering, and the group destroys it with little effort. They move on, and quickly find a grick waiting for them. Kumiko dashes in to engage it, and suddenly realizes, as she gets into torch range, that it is actually a group of gricks lying in wait. Complicating matters is a writing mass of tentacles originating from some sort of rift in the cavern wall - as she moves, the tentacles writhe and lash at her feet, causing her to move slowly and deliberately in order to avoid them.