Session 35

Shakkō (4/30)

Exhausted, the characters call for the city guard. They turn the unconscious Raven, the cultist, and the peasants over the the guardsmen who arrive, and suggest that they question the peasants before releasing them, to see if they know any information that could be of use. Odo tells them that Reiko, the Jade Fist chunin who they have been fencing tainted goods to, would like to talk to them about the zombie poison they uncovered.

Once stable, the characters say goodbye to Odo and make their way back to the Fragrant Fern, where Mitsuhide is waiting for them. He gives each of them a healing potion that he’s been brewing while convalescing. After some small talk, they all crash in bed.

Senshō (5/1)

The next morning, the characters go weapon, armor, and item shopping. They find an alchemist who has a small cache of healing potions for sale, and then visit an armorer who has a set of splint mail for Kumiko. They’re pleased to find that it fits right off the rack. They also find a longbow for Saeko and a set of shuriken for Kumiko.

Because they’ve been capturing a lot of bad guys lately, they invest in a set of manacles and chains. They then return to the Fragrant Fern, and donate money toward rebuilding the urokobito neighborhood that was burned by the Golden Hornets.