Session 22

The three carrion crawlers attack, lashing out with their poisonous tentacles and attempting to sink their fangs into the characters. Kumiko and Saeko are at the front of the group in the narrow hallway, which prevents the monsters from getting directly to Miyo and Asami. Unfortunately, they both exposed to all three crawlers.
In the initial onslaught, Saeko gets gets poisoned, and is paralyzed by one of the crawlers. Helpless, she takes significant damage from the three monsters before Asami drags her to safety.

Miyo uses magic missile and burning hands to inflict significant damage to two of the creatures. The group takes one crawler out, and then Asami dashes back in and uses her ninja-to to finish a second one off.

Kumiko then does a tremendous amount of damage to the remaining carrion crawler, using an extra action and menacing it. Miyo finishes it off with a volley of magic missles, and then the characters rest for a moment to heal their wounds.

They decide to leave the sewers for reals this time, so they grab the cultist and run through the sewers, managing to avoid getting lost. Once they find the exit, they climb out and go to look for the city guard.

XP: 1350 (340 ea)
Running Total: 8540