Session 25

The characters talk to the guardsman who is on watch. After hearing about the zombie outbreak, he quickly fetches the Captain of the Guard, Watanabe Isako, and her lieutenant, Oku Kotaro. Isako listens intently to the characters as they fill her in on what they’ve discovered: the cultists in the sewers and the plan to poison wells within the city. They hand over the cultist that they captured along with a sample of the poison.

Isako is alarmed by the information, and orders the Guard to investigate those areas in danger. She then leaves to brief the daimyo and her council, leaving the characters with Kotaro.

Kotaro, whose guardsmen patrol the Dancing Fan and Yellow Lantern district, implores the group to assist. They more eyes they get on the problem, the better, and he’s spread thin between the fires and the zombies.

The group heads to the Dancing Beetle Teahouse in the Dancing Fan district. As it is the middle of the night, the teahouse is sparsely populated, with just a few people quietly slurping tea. When prompted, the proprietor directs them to well around the corner, in an alley.

After warning the customers of the tea house to avoid drinking anything, lest they turn into zombies, the characters head outside and find a group of six cultists gathered around the well, with a large barrel in tow. They engage and begin to whittle down the cultists quickly.

Kumiko leads the charge, her sun blade a beacon of purifying light. Asami and Saeko assist in controlling the bad guys, allowing Miyo to take down three of them with her fire bolt. Kumiko gets hit with a sickening ray, but shrugs off the effects of the magical poison and takes out the cultist who cast it out. Saeko uses her inspiring presence to buoy the morale of each of her compatriots.

As Kumiko presses the attack, one of the cultists manages to inflict wounds on her, dealing a significant amount of damage, but gets killed quickly. The last cultist tries to inflict wounds on Kumiko as well, but she chops off his head in response.

With the area secure, the characters discover that they barrel is still full, and that they have managed to prevent the cultists from poisoning another well. They spend time deciding what to do with intact barrel of zombie poison before leaving it in the teahouse.

They then check out the location near the Onodera Theater noted in the letter, but find it to be all clear -- no sign of empty barrels or suspicious figures lurking in the shadows. They then retrieve the zombie poison from the teahouse and wheel the barrel back to the local guardhouse.
The guardsman there sends a message to Kotaro, who arrives to debrief the characters. They fill him in on math about the number of barrels that they’ve seen or eliminated, and the number of targets mentioned in the letter they found in the cultists’ lair. They conclude that they’ve dealt with the immediate threat and agree that it is safe to rest.

Kotaro has someone gather reagents for Miyo to neutralize the poison, and then leaves for the evening. The party then heads to the Fragrant Fern to get some well-deserved rest. Before falling asleep, the four women discuss their plans for the next day:

  • Miyo wants to neutralize the giant barrel of zombie poison
  • Saeko wants to read through the sheaf of papers found in the sewers
  • Kumiko wants to talk with the guard about the Golden Hornets
  • They will investigate the Golden Hornets in earnest
  • They will seek an audience with the daimyo to discuss the threat of Kobayashi

XP: 2700 (675 ea)
Running Total: 9640