Session 24

The second wave of zombies closes in from the north while a few move in to flank the characters from the south. This group seems to be more resilient than the first. While they’re not very successful in causing the group physical harm, their undead fortitude keeps them going as the characters dish out damage to them.

One, in particular, survives for an inordinate amount of time, repeatedly shrugging off attacks from Miyo, Saeko, and Asami. It finally succumbs to a critical hit from Asami. Meanwhile, Kumiko’s sun sword makes short work of the undead, including another hulking brute. When she hits them, they stay dead.

Once the zombies have finally been finished off, the characters continue on to the City Guard HQ in the palace district, dragging the cultist and multiple wounded ashigaru with them.

XP: 900 + 800 = 1700 (425 ea)
Running total: 8965