Session 23

The characters head toward the City Guard headquarters, located in the Palace District. As they make their way through the city, they hear another commotion in the distance, which they realize is very close to one of the places in the city that the cult had intended to poison.

They divert from their intended path and stumble upon a horrific scene: a handful of City Guard ashigaru are attempting to fend off a horde of ravenous undead. They engage the zombies, who manage to do some damage, but who are otherwise ineffectual. Kumiko sets up position in a choke point between two buildings and keeps a massive zombie, who looks like he might have been a sumo wrestler in life, from attacking her more lightly armored companions. She does massive amounts of damage with her magical katana, but the zombie’s undead fortitude keeps it alive.

Miyo, Saeko, and Asami fight off the lesser zombies who shamble up from behind the group. As they whittle away at the undead, they see more than a few ashigaru fall to the ravenous beasts. Just as they finish what they think are the last of the zombies, they see another wave approaching from the north...