Session 21

Once the cultist awakes, the characters proceed to interrogate him. Kumiko takes the bad cop role, periodically beating the cultist, while Saeko plays the good cop…until she threatens to use torture. After some resistance, Kumiko threatens to cut off his head unless he talks.

His deep devotion to the cult broken by mortal fear, the cultist gives up the goods on the cult’s plans to poison wells throughout the city - claiming that they’ve already delivered the poison to two of the locations. He also divulges that a hanyo woman called The Raven is the one who leads this particular cell of the Eaters of the Dead. He doesn’t know the names of the other cultists, or where they might be located in the city.

Armed with a codename, Saeko and Kumiko look through the sheaf of correspondence that Saeko found. They are able to identify several letters from The Raven, and briefly spend time trying to guess her station based on her writing ability. Kumiko, who is trained in calligraphy, believes that The Raven is educated, based on the consistency of her brush strokes, but may not be a noble, based on the lack of artistry on display.

Continuing their interrogation, the cultist gives up the location of a secret room, and then promptly passes out from the beating delivered by Kumiko. Asami finds the door to the secret room and and is able to open the lock. However, she fails to notice a trap, and takes damage from an ice dart to the face. Asami and Saeko investigate, finding another barrel of necromantic poison along with a clutch of cash and some items, including:

  • 500 gp and 2x healing potions

The characters determine that they need to break off their hunt for the Golden Hornets and report the impending catastrophe. They are hesitant to leave large barrels of necromantic poison lying around, so Miyo uses arcana to figure out how to make it inert and gathers the necessary reagents from the bench. Asami grabs a few doses of the poison for her poison kit and scavenges for useful raw materials.

  • 50 gp worth of poison ingredients

Before the characters head back to the surface with the unconscious cultist and evidence of the poison, Saeko decides to check out one of the doors in the room that they had not previously investigated. She leads the group down a very long hall, directly into the path of three very large, very ugly, very smelly, very tentacled creatures.