Session 20

The characters use surprise to their advantage. From a safe distance, Saeko uses major illusion to create a fearsome owlbear in serve as a distraction. At the same time, Kumiko bursts into the room and attempts to intimidate the cultists, ordering them to surrender to Tokugawa. While her attempt was strong, the cultists seem especially strong-willed. Asami hides in the shadows and maneuvers around the room, putting herself into a position to cut off any escape, while Miyo assaults two of the cultists with flaming sphere.

The cultists are caught off guard, reacting haphazardly to the show of force from the characters. They quickly figure out that the imposing owlbear is an illusion, but it provides sufficient distraction to delay them from attacking the characters. Once they do turn their attention to the real threat, their attacks prove ineffective.

Saeko uses her bardic gifts to inspire the rest of the characters, which allows Asami’s daggers and Miyo’s flaming sphere to wear them down quickly. Kumiko steps in and slices and dices two of the cultists, while Miyo puts the last guy to sleep.

With the cultists dispatched and subdued, the party searches the room:

  • Kumiko finds a letter describing plans to poison wells in five locations throughout Fujiwara.
    • Near the docks in the Yellow Lantern district
    • At the Shrine of the Southern Wind in the Chrysanthemum district
    • Outside Matsunaga Noodles in the Chrysanthemum district
    • Outside the Dancing Beetle Teahouse in the Dancing Fan district
    • At the Onodera Theater in the Dancing Fan district
  • Saeko finds a sheaf of correspondence that appears to be a dialogue between cult members. She intends to read through it later.
  • Miyo’s deep knowledge of the arcane enables her to determine that the cultists were brewing a thick grey sludge that functions as a necromantic poison.
  • Asami adds an Eaters of the Dead costume to her disguise kit by stripping the sleeping cultist.

The group then prepares to interrogate the sleeping cultist when he wakes up.

XP: 1800 xp (450 ea)
Running total: 7750+450=8200