Session 33

The characters take a short rest while the Raven is knocked out. Once they’ve had a chance to catch their breaths, they take a look around. In the laboratory, they find the recipe for zombie poison along with a very large mortar and pestle, a box of mushrooms, and a barrel full of blood meal.

Beyond the laboratory, Kumiko searches the library and finds a scroll that she turns over to Myio, With Saeko’s assistance, they find that it is a scroll of Bestow Curse. Saeko searches the Raven and the unconscious cultist, but does not find much of value.

  • Scroll of Bestow Curse

Then the characters decide to trash the Raven’s lair. Kumiko destroys the Kobayashi statue in the library while Saeko destroys scores of books about blood magic.

Before leaving, Asami makes one more pass of the laboratory to search for hidden doors, and is pleased to have found several. One set of doors leads the characters on a short loop that drops them back into the lab, but another leads down a long hallway and ends in a locked and trapped wooden door. She is able to disable the trap, but the lock proves resistant to her attempts.

Kumiko decides to bash the door down, and bursts into the room beyond, only to find six large, powerful zombies milling about between four wooden cages filled with frightened peasants. Miyo sets up a choke point using Flaming Sphere, and Kumiko positions herself to soak up damage. The characters then make use of the sun blade, sneak attacks, and Fire Bolts to make short work of the zombies.

XP: 2700 (675 ea)
Running total: 14228 + 675 = 1490