Session 34

The characters debate what to do next. Saeko advocates for leaving, fearing that they’re almost completely out of resources, while Kumiko wants to press the advantage. While they deliberate they take a short rest.

Asami checks the door on the far end of the zombie storage room and finds it to be untrapped. She picks the lock, and then cautiously investigates the hallway beyond, only to find the stairs where the group descended from the sewers. They carry the unconscious body of the Raven and lead the subdued cultist and the rescued peasants up to the back entrance of the Dancing Beetle Tea House.

As they begin dragging bodies out of the back room into the main dining room, the burly men sitting at two tables jump up in alarm. The two groups stare at each other for a second before the thugs attack the group. They pile on Kumiko, and nearly drop her in one round.

Asami, seeing an opening, climbs on Saeko’s shoulders, steps onto Kumiko, and then backflips over a thug, killing him the the process. Her acrobatics leave her open to attacks by the mob of thugs below her, but she takes very little damage as a result.

Unfortunately, the group turns on her, and she then gets beaten severely, forcing her to withdraw to the upper level at the font of the tea house. The characters manage to kill off a few thugs, but the thugs press the attack and take down Kumiko and Asami. Miyo uses Shocking Grasp to get away from the thugs, and Saeko steps in to pull Kumiko’s unconscious body out of harm's way.

The momentum seems to be on the side of the thugs, and they attempt to convince the characters to surrender. Miyo answers the challenge with a Fire Bolt that turns one of the thugs into a molten heap of melting flesh, at which point the few remaining thugs decide that momentum is not, in fact, on their side, and they flee.

With two unconscious team members, the characters are in a precarious position. Fortunately, Odo, the Jade Fist ninja, shows up with a healer in tow, and they manage to stabilize and heal Kumiko and Asami.

XP: 800 (200 ea)
Running Total: 14903 + 200 = 15103