Session 29

The characters look around the warehouse and find the blood meal from the zombie poison ingredient list. The rest of the warehouse is filled to the roof with sundries. They search the platform where the mysterious man was sitting and find a ledger and set of correspondence. From the calligraphy, Saeko recognizes that the letters were written by The Raven.

Miyo examines Hiro’s body in an attempt to understand how he came back. She realizes that someone used a corrupted version of raise dead that turned him into a hungry ghost - a supernatural entity that is consumed by an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

They don’t want to attract attention by taking Enari back to the Fragrant Fern, so they find an abandoned house in the section of the Lantern District that had been overrun by zombies. They stay there overnight to recover, and Kumiko stays awake so that she can keep knocking out Enari