Session 32

Feeling somewhat recharged after their encounter with the black pudding, the characters continue to explore. They make their way to the next darkened corridor and cautiously make their way down. Their caution only partially pays off, though, as Kumiko narrowly avoids falling into a spiked pit trap, but Miyo does not. She takes falling and piercing damage from tumbling twenty feet into sharp, pointy, spikes. Saeko and Kumiko fish her out.

They take another short rest to heal, then continue, much more cautiously, through the corridors. Eventually, they happen upon a locked wooden door. Kumiko listens at the door and can hear muffled, almost rhythmic conversation coming from somewhere far beyond.

Saeko decides to take a shot at picking the lock and succeeds. However, she sets off a Rune of Paralyzation trap in the process, which freezes Miyo and Kumiko in place while setting off an alarm. Over the din of the klaxon, Saeko casts Lesser Restoration to un-paralyze Kumiko - just in time for an armored wight to appear in the room beyond, drawn by the alarm.

Miyo shakes off the paralyzation while the wight and Kumiko trade blows. The wight uses its glowing green katana to Life Drain Kumiko. Kumiko decides that being Life Drained is intolerable, and uses her considerable mastery of the katana to shred the crap out of the wight. Before going down, the wight shouts, “Close the gate!"

In the distance, they hear the clang of metal hitting stone, so they cautiously pass through the room into the twisty corridor beyond. There, they see a set of cultists waiting for them behind a lowered portcullis. Saeko uses Shatter and inflicts tremendous damage on them, but they get a chance to retaliate. One cultist casts Hold Person on her, the portcullis ratchets open, and a second cultist dashes out to cast Inflict Wounds on her. Because she is paralyzed, the spell is a critical hit and drops her to zero hit points.

Kumiko and Miyo revive Saeko with a healing potion and easily take out the cultist who hurt Saeko. The remaining cultists tie up the group with the portcullis, casting ranged spells through the iron bars. Kumiko, however, uses her sun blade to slice through the portcullis, creating an opening for them to get through. 

The characters kill off a second cultist, and intimidate a third one into submission. They see a large summoning circle with a flaming brazier in the middle of the room, and start to bind the intimidated cultist when another set of enemies appears at the door on the far side of the room.

A hanyo woman, dressed in a dark kimono, who the characters surmise is the Raven, a second wight, and a fourth cultist engage the group from afar. Because they are grouped closely together, Miyo decides to use Fireball. While it does damage to the wight and cultist, The Raven is resistant to fire. In reaction, she uses her hanyo powers to Hellish Rebuke Miyo, doing a lot of damage.

Saeko follows the Fireball with a Shatter spell, taking out the cultist. The Raven casts Blight on Miyo. Necromantic energy washes over her, draining her vitality and desiccating her body. It drops her to zero hit points.

Kumiko takes out the wight and menaces the Raven while Saeko heals Miyo. The Raven casts Antilife Shell to protect herself from Kumiko’s sun blade. Saeko pushes her back into the room, which appears to be a library, with a Thunderwave spell. 

The Raven then retreats to yet another room and heals herself. Miyo uses Flaming Sphere to annoy her, but the Raven uses Blight again on her, and drops her to zero hit points again. The group is trapped in a stalemate. Because of the Raven’s position, the Antilife Shell prevents the group from entering through the doorway into the room with her. With no ranged options, Kumiko takes cover on one side of the door, while Saeko pokes her head around just long enough to try attacking her with various ranged spells.

The group is low on healing and spells, so Saeko tosses Kumiko a dagger, which she chucks full force the Raven. Though she shrugged off the damage from another Thunderwave and Vicious Mockery spell, the simple dagger breaks her concentration and causes the Antilife Shell to fall.

Kumiko moves in and does significant damage, but the Raven channels the power of Kobayashi, infusing an Inflict Wounds with her Touch of Death power, and drops Kumiko in one hit. Saeko uses the distraction of Kumiko and the Raven trading blows to cast Cure Wounds on Miyo.

Miyo presses the attack, using Fire Bolt to create an opening for Saeko to heal Kumiko. With all three women on their feet, and with her Antilife Shell gone, the Raven’s advantage disappears. She tries to kill Kumiko again with a Vampiric Grasp spell, but does very little damage, and Miyo finishes her off with Shocking Grasp.

The group, exhausted and almost completely spent, breathes a deep sigh of relief.

XP: 1800 + 3700 = 5500 (1833 ea.)
Running Total: 12395 + 1833 = 14228 (LEVEL UP!