Session 1

The characters are all noble members of the Tokugawa clan. Their han is home to a small village of 400 rice farmers who collectively product about 2,400 koku (the amount of rice needed to feed one person for a year) per year. The village is located in the south of Koguwa-jukai, near the border of the Hordelands, so they occasionally have to head with urokobito raiders threatening them.

Kumiko, a human samurai, is the daughter of Tokugawa Ichiro, the daimyo. She is headstrong and serious, and is very protective of her close group of friends. She is being educated in the ways of nobility so that one day she make take over as daimyo.

Saeoko, a hanyo entertainer, is the daughter of Sanjiro, one of the daimyo’s closest advisors. Her mother was an oni who left the village shortly after she was born, and who hasn’t been seen since. Her father never speaks of her. Miyo is a social butterfly and has the ability to charm most people she meets.

Miyo, a human onmyoji, is the third member of the group. She was born into a family of peasants, but she demonstrated a proficiency for the arcane at a very young age, and was apprenticed to Namiko, an advisor to the daimyo. From Namiko, she learned how to control the five elements, and how to tap into the cosmic forces of yin and yang.

The three young girls, who grew up as close friends, and who were educated together, are preparing to set out on their musha shugyō, or “Warrior’s Pilgrimage,” a rite of passage for all young adventurers. While the village is getting ready to throw a surprise feast in their honor, and they are sent to the neighboring village of Akamatsu to deliver some gifts and spend time with their cousins.

Encounter 1: The Road to Akamatsu

As the characters are walking down the dirt road that joins the two villages, they spot an obake - a monstrous creature that is created when normal insects and rodents become transformed by the tainted energies of Yomi. Individually, they are little more than a nuisance, and the characters hack it to pieces handily.

Once they get to the village, they meet with Akamatsu Mizuki, the daimyo, and cousin to Tokugawa Ichiro’s. Mizuki has played the role of aunt to the three girls, and she presents them each with a magical item to aid them on their musha shugyō.

  • Kumiko: A +1 katana that is a family heirloom
  • Miyo: An abjuration spell plus a jade scroll case that acts as a pearl of power 
  • Saeko: A noh mask, which can be used as a spell focus, and which allows the user to cast barkskin, cure wounds, and fog cloud once per day. The spells are cast at the user’s caster level, and reset at dawn.

To try out their new items, the characters engage in a mock battle with their cousins, a group of three boys their age who the girls adore, but also consider somewhat silly. They win without too much trouble, and then head back to their village.

Encounter 2: The Long Road Home

On the way back to Tokugawa, the characters encounter a swarm of obake. Two giant beetles and two giant wasps attack them as they pass by a copse of trees. Individually, obake are a nuisance, but in groups they can spell trouble for peasants and inexperienced adventurers.

The group fights the obake off, and, as they wipe giant bug guts off their kimonos and armor, they get the feeling that something is amiss. Obake don’t typically swarm like this unless something has riled them up. Spooked, they quicken their pace, eager to get home.

As they near the village, they realize that something is very, very wrong. The village is in chaos, and there is blood everywhere.

XP: 650
Individual: 220
Running total: 220