Session 30

In the morning, the characters confer on how to interrogate Enari. Saeko decides to set the stage by using Fog Cloud to obscure the boundaries of the room and Thaumaturgy to create whispers emanating from all around. It is a potent and disorienting enough environment that it gives Kumiko advantage on all of her intimidation checks.

After a brief discussion of what to ask her, Kumiko goes to work, using a variety of tactics to compel Enari into giving up information. While formidable in her own right, Enari proves to be concerned about her own self interest, and gives up the names of other City Guard members on the payroll of the Golden Hornets.

She names her own sergeants, Ito Ichiro and Sato Matsu, as well as Ozawa Nobu, one of the sergeants that reports to Oku Kotaro. When questioned about Oku, she is adamant that he is clean. She admits to the characters that she reports directly to Tetsuo, one of the lieutenants, and identifies the man that they saw in the warehouse as Ichiro, the big boss of the Golden Hornets.

Kumiko switches her line of questioning and starts to ask about the cult. Enari says that she doesn’t know anything about the cult. Kumiko knocks her off her stool and accuses her of lying, but she sticks to her story. She joined the Golden Hornets because the money was good, but she’s not a loyalist, and is certainly not a cultist.

While Kumiko accepts her story, she blames Enari and the Golden Hornets of abetting Kobayashi’s return. Enari reiterates that she doesn’t know anything about it.

Finally, Kumiko asks about Tetsuo. Enari gives the characters the address of another Hornet’s warehouse location, where she knows that Tetsuo occasionally works out of, but points them to the Dancing Beetle Teahouse as the place where she most often met with him.

In exchange for her life, Kumiko makes her sign a confession. Miyo casts Sleep on her, and then they take her to the Captain of the Guard. Kumiko talks to Isako, the Captain of the Guard, and gives her the confession. She explains everything they’ve found out, and ties the Golden Hornets to the Eaters of the Dead.

Isako is visibly shaken. She decides that her first order of business is to clean house, after which she will turn her attention to the cult. Kumiko suggests that the characters will keep pressure on the cult while the Guard is cleaned up, and Isako thanks her for the assistance.

The group heads to the Dancing Beetle Teahouse to investigate. They get there midmorning, while lots of people are drinking their morning tea. Kumiko begins chatting up the barista, bonding over their mutual appreciation for the art of tea. Saeko joins in, and they convince the barista to show them the back room where the tea is stored. 

Once back there, they notice another locked door, and Kumiko drops the charm. She threatens the barista and tells her to open the other door now. The barista screams for help, at which point a table full of burly men jumps up and comes to her aid.

Miyo casts Knock to open the second door