Session 26

After a good night’s rest, the characters roll out of bed bright and early. They hear lots of talk at the Fragrant Fern about the fires and the zombie outbreak in the Yellow Lantern district.

Saeko looks through the sheaf of correspondence she found in the sewers. She determines that there are four authors:

  • The Raven
  • The Cicada
  • The Cricket
  • The Pheasant

She also realizes that most of the correspondence is written in some form of code, which seems to have rotated over time. She teams up with Asami and Miyo to try to decipher the notes. Working together, the three of them break two of the four codes, which gives them the following information:

  • The group was funneling goods to Mizuta in preparation for the ritual to summon Kobayashi. The cult believed that it could control him and gain the secret of immortality.
  • The ingredient list for the zombie poison and a list of where each of the ingredients could be collected. “The Warehouse”, ”The Tea House”, and “The Shrine” are mentioned.

Miyo determines that, based on ingredients smuggled, the ritual must have been a corrupted version of resurrection, which gives her an idea of how powerful Sosuke must be. Asami determines, based on the context in the notes and her knowledge of the city, that “The Tea House” must refer to the Dancing Beetle Tea House in the Dancing Fan district - the site where they foiled the cultists the previous night.

While Saeko, Miyo, and Asami are holed up in the Fragrant Fern, Kumiko goes to talk to Captain of the Guard, as she feels that she is their strongest connection at the moment. Watanabe Isako greets her warmly and has tea brought in while they talk. She agrees that the time is right to talk with the daimyo, and wants Kumiko and her crew to fill the daimyo in on what they’ve seen.