Session 28

Just as the characters sense that victory is imminent, the encounter takes an unexpected twist. Enari, the lieutenant from the City Guard, steps forward with her squad and attacks Asami. She turns out to be a powerful adversary, using her shield to knock Asami over before stabbing her with the business end of her naginata.

Miyo decides that is it time to bring out the big guns, and unleashes not just one, but two fireball spells. The explosive force of the spell sets multiple guardsmen and thugs on fire, taking them out of the fight, as well as seriously injuring Enari.

Kumiko maneuvers through several thugs on her way to rejoin the group. However, before she can get there, Hiro reappears in a puff of smoke, looking freshly healed. Saeko decides that a bit of misdirection would be useful, and uses the major illusion spell to create a convincing simulacrum of Watanabe Isako, the Captain of the Guard. "What's going on here?" she angrily demands.

Enari falls for the illusion, disengages from the characters, and stammers out an excuse. This gives Miyo the opening she needs, and she kills Enari with a magic missile.

Turning her attention to Hiro, Saeko casts heat metal on his armor, causing him extradorinaiy pain, and distracting him from the threat around him. Kumiko seizes the opportunity, running up behind him and slicing him into itty bitty pieces.

The remaining thugs flee, and the characters look around to discover that the older man on the platform has disappeared. Saeko stabilizes Enari, with the hope that they can interrogate her later.

XP: 4600 (1150 ea)
Running Total: 10670 + 1150 = 1182