Session 15

The characters investigate Sosuke, Kobayashi, and the Eaters of the Dead, and manage to successfully piece together a lot of information. Their investigation generates as many questions as it answers, however.

While investigating, they run into Hiro and the Golden Hornets beating up a merchant. Hiro is demanding 50 cranes this month, but the merchant clames not to have it. The characters use diplomacy to get the Hornets to give the merchant a break. Kumiko spends most of the conversation berating Hiro, but he finally, and unhappily, accepts that the merchant only has 20 cranes to give. Hiro seems to recognize that the characters have done this to him before, but he's not entirely sure what to do about it, so he and his goons leave as soon as they’ve got their hands on the money.

The investigation takes about a week, and during that time, they have no additional adverse encounters with any ninja. By the time they’re done, they’ve determined the following:


  • Kobayashi was a blood mage who stole the secret of immortality from Lord Eimin, the kami who rules Yomi.
  • He wakes every 108 years to feed and replenish his power, but was awakened 21 years too early.
  • No one is quite sure what the ramifications of him being awakened 21 years too early are.
  • His realm is a splinter dimension that’s filled with a corrupt energy different from that of Yomi.
  • He is attended by a group of powerful vassals.

Eaters of the Dead

  • Headed by Iguchi Sosuke, a potent shinkan
  • Most of the cult members who were part of the ritual were eaten.
  • Surprisingly well-funded and well-populated in this region
  • Sosuke is being backed by someone wealthy, but no one knows who.
  • It seems that the villages that have been eaten each had a member of the cult living here
  • There are a number of people who believe that some of the powerful factions in Fujiwara have highly placed members who are cultists.


  • A potent shinkan who led the Eaters of the Dead.
  • Is holed up in Mizuta, trying to figure out what went wrong.
  • Had willingly sacrificed many of his cult members in an attempt to appease Kobayashi.

XP: 190
Running Total: 4165