Session 12

Based on the records in Morimoto’s notebook, the characters determine that there are four people that he’s met more than five times in the past thirty days:

  • Watanabe Reiko
  • Usui Mineko
  • Numata Yoshimitsu
  • Shimozato Genjo

Odo informs them that the first name on the list, Watanabe Reiko, is one of the chūnin of the Jade Fist. They also note that Shimozato Genjo is from Mizuta, so they imagine that he’s the source of the tainted items that Morimoto is moving in the first place. Therefore, they decide to check out the other two names on the list to determine how they fit in.

First, they track down Usui Mineko. She turns out to be an old lady who lives in a ramshackle hut. She absolutely loves the garish kimono and jewelry that Morimoto peddles, and is extremely distraught to hear of his death. She has no useful information, however.

Second, they track down Numata Yoshimitsu, who turns out to be a member of the Mist Tiger ninja clan, to a house in the Dancing Fan district. They suspect that he may have been behind Morimoto’s assassination, so they approach with caution. The ground floor is quite small, containing only a bedroom and a siting room, so they spend some time searching and find a hidden trapdoor that leads to a basement.

Their caution pays off quickly, because they immediately encounter traps. They manage to disarm them and continue their investigation. Evidence of tainted energy is everywhere: the basement is filled with obake and oozes. They fight their way through several groups of tainted creatures before finding Yoshimitsu.

The characters walk through a doorway to find a room that is far bigger than the space it should actually occupy. It looks like an outdoor courtyard with a rock garden in the center. The ceiling, far above their heads, shows the night sky, but Miyo realizes that it’s not the sky as seen from Fujiwara. There are constellations she doesn’t recognize and others that are oriented completely wrong. As she gazes up, she gets the feeling that the stars are actually staring at her.

The air in the room seems to undulate, as through a breeze from another world were causing reality itself to waver. Yoshimitsu sits in seiza on the far side of the rock garden. There's a small table in front of him, atop which sits a tiny jade figurine. He opens and eyes and stares at them, but his eyes are completely black, and are oozing tar. "I have unlocked its secrets,” he says with a smile.

Then after the briefest of moments, he exclaims, "Witness my power!” He jumps to his feet as four shadowy versions of himself emerge from his body. He and his shadow selves attack the characters. The fight is long and dangerous, but Kumiko, Saeko, Miyo, and Odo manage to kill Yoshimitsu and his shadowy copies. When they land the killing blow, he utters "Kobayashi will devour you all!” before he falls.

Miyo and Saeko put their heads together to determine the best way of disposing of the tainted statuette, but conclude that they probably can’t destroy it, and even if they could, it would be incredibly dangerous to try. However, they know they can’t leave it here, lest it fall into the wrong hands, so they carefully place it back into the small box that Morimoto had been transporting it in, and leave the safehouse.

As soon as they step outside, they are accosted by a group of Jade Fist ninja.

XP: 375
Running total: 3559