Session 11

Odo goes off to meet his friend at the noodle house, while the rest of the party heads to the merchants' guild to find out where the dead merchant’s shop was. They’re directed to Morimoto’s Sundries, which is filled with ugly kimono, gaudy and cheap jewelry, heavily thumbed-through manga, and dangerous fireworks. The merchant’s wife, Naoko, tends the store, and greets the characters warmly when they enter.

The characters informs her of her husband’s death, but she doesn’t take it well. She says that they’re barely breaking even, and the Yakuza take any of the money that’s left over. She reveals that they have no savings - only debt - and that she has no prospect of supporting her two children. She believed that Kinzo was in the process of striking a business deal that would make them a lot of money, but he didn’t tell her what he was up to.

Meanwhile, Odo meets Iku at Matsunaga’s Noodles, a common meeting place for member of the Jade Fist. Iku is glad that he returned from the mission safely, especially since the rest of the group perished. She tells him that she has heard rumors that the group wasn’t meant to return, and to be careful — that the leadership of the guild is looking for him.

While Odo digests this information, the characters calm Naoko down and promise to do what they can to get the yakuza off her back. They then leave, and are only moments away when they hear her scream.

They rush back to find that she’s been kidnapped by the Mist Tigers. They begin pursuit through the streets of the merchants' quarters, which takes them directly past the noodle house. Odo sees Kumiko, Saeko, and Miyo sprinting after a group of ninja, and he rejoins the group after a hasty goodbye.

After giving chase, they manage to catch up to the ninja, part of which breaks off to attack them. The overhear the lead ninja instructing the others to “Take the woman to Yasu.” After a long and dangerous fight, they defeat the leader and her group, then catch up to the rest of the ninja, who drop Naoko and flee.

After taking Naoko back to her shop, she agrees to let them look through her husband's books, where they find out that he had concocted a scheme to traffic in tainted goods, and had been meeting with various shadowy figures, including someone from Mizuta.

XP: 437
Running Total: 3184