Session 8

Kumiko, Miyo, and Saeko leave their hiding place and head toward a third area of the city that looks promising. There they encounter an urokobito ninja, who is being accosted by more zombies. The characters come to the aid of the ninja, fight off the undead, and then introduce themselves.

The ninja, Odo of the Jade Fist clan, informs them that he was part of a small group of genin sent to Mizuta to scout out what was going on. Unfortunately, everyone else got eaten by zombies. He is very thankful that he did not also get eaten by zombies.
The group fills him in on what they’ve seen, and let him know that they are headed to Fujiwara to investigate further and to try and raise an army. Odo offers to act as a tour guide of Fujiwara and provides them with more information to further their investigation.

After talking to Odo, they learn that:

  1. The cult is called the Eaters of the Dead.
  2. The cult was led by a blood mage called Iguchi Sosuke.

XP: 222
Running Total: 2250