Session 4

Near evening, the characters manage to track down Mitsuhide. He’s sitting in seiza in the middle of a grove of trees, meditating. The group approaches him, explains what they’ve seen, and asks him to aid them. Instead of agreeing, though, Mitsuhide decides to test them. He sprints into the woods, expecting them to chase after.

The characters follow, vaulting over logs and streams, dodging tripwires and snares, all the while verbally parrying with the shugenja. The chase lasts for a few minutes, and Mitsuhide finally stops, satisfied that they’re being forthright. He gifts them one-time use charms, and tells them that he will help. If what they suspect they’ve discovered is true, then he feels that it is worth investigation. He suggests that they head to Fujiwara, the closest large city. They may be able to find others to aid them there. He leaves the group and heads deeper into the woods.

Now that they have Mitsuhide on their side, they decide that they will head to Fujiwara to investigate Kobayashi and to try to raise an army to take him on.

XP: 166 each
Running total: 1166

One-use charm: +1 to all defenses for one encounter