Session 6

The characters follow the road to the village of Mizuta, and see chaos and destruction everywhere. Tainted energy radiates from the surrounding farmland, and, as they draw close, it becomes clear that whatever happened to Tokugawa happened here, but worse.

The PCs attempt to investigate before the necropolis destroys them. Each success gives them a vial piece of information, while each failure drives them closer to madness.

They realize that it would be easy to become overwhelmed by the miasma hanging over the village, so they stick to the outskirts as they look around. As they advance, they notice a group of urokobito, the scaly, lizard-riding hordes that live south of the Nagara river, marching down the street. They look like a raiding party, but they are fewer in number than is typical. They also notice that the urokobito appear to be frightened and skittish.

Encounter: Urokobito and the Hungry Shrine

The characters meet the urokobito in front of an ancient shrine that radiates black, negative energy, and the urokobito attack. A wyrmpriest leads the group, which consists of two soldiers and four footmen. They are accompanied by two guard drakes. During the melee, the drakes do considerable damage to Kumiko.

As the fight continues, Miyo casts flaming sphere, backing the wyrmpriest toward the shrine. Suddenly a black tentacle shoots out from under porch, grabbing his ankles and knocking him prone. He attempts to struggle against the tentacle, but Miyo then uses her powers to put him to sleep. As a result, wyrmpriest gets dragged under shrine.

The group hears a wet crunching sound from under the shrine followed by screaming, and the wyrmpriest reappears, bloodied by the hungry shrine. Kumiko bull rushes him back into the tentacles, where he is once again grabbed and dragged under the shrine. This time the wet crunching is followed only by silence.

The characters finish off the rest of the urokobito and retreat back outside the village to heal up. When they review what they’ve just experienced, they gain 2 successes in the Investigating Mizuta skill challenge, and receive no failures.

XP: 250
Running total: 1649