Session 3

Encounter 1: Return to Akamatsu

Kumiko, Saeko, and Miyo make their way back to Akamatsu. Once there, their “aunt,” Mizuki, summons her advisors Kazu, a shinkan, and Hiroyuki, an onmyoji, to hear what the girls have encountered. They confer with each other, with the spirits, and with the stars, and then deliver their recommendations.

Kazu believes that Kobayashi might follow the scent of the characters to Akamatsu, and thus the girls need to leave before sundown. Mizuki expresses her regrets, but informs the group that they are unable to stay - that she cannot risk the lives of her entire clan for theirs. Before she sends them away, though, she gives them more supplies, including three horses and a cache of healing potions. Kazu recommends that they visit Inamura Mitsuhide, a kitsune shugenja who specializes in warding against oni.

Kumiko interprets Mizuki’s generosity as a sign of her support for revenge against Kobayashi. She believes herself to be the daimyo of Tokugawa, now that her father is dead. She, Miyo, and Saeko - the remaining Tokugawa nobles - say goodbye to their cousins and then set out to restore honor to their clan.

Encounter 2: Night of the Living Dead

As they head along the road to the north in search of Mitsuhide, the group decides to camp for the night in a broken down shrine. Shortly after midnight, they hear rustling and scurrying out in the darkness. Out of the shadows stumbles a zombie.

The undead arrive in wave after wave: human, hanyo, and kitsune. The group defeats corruption corpses and gravehounds, along with the ravenous humanoids. They manage to hang on until dawn, when the zombies stop attacking, but they use up their healing potions in the process.

XP: 445 ea
Bonus XP: 25 ea
Running Total: 1000 - LEVEL UP (2nd Level)