Session 2

The characters realize that everyone is gone, though body parts are strewn here and there, and some full corpses remain, though half-chewed. There is blood everywhere. Stunned, they look around and find ofuda, paper talismans used to ward against evil, torn in half. Miyo recognizes that some of the blood has been spattered on the walls of the village in patterns associated with the dark and twisted practice of blood magic. Between the ofuda and the arcane symbols, she believes that the village was trying to keep Kobayashi the Devourer, an ancient, terrifying kami, at bay.

Kobayashi is a dark and twisted figure - a corrupt onmyoji who stole the secret of immortality from Lord Eiman, the ruler of Yomi. The secret transformed him into a ravenous oni, and he is thought to wake every 108 years and eat village after village before returning to slumber. The girls know of Kobayashi only through myth. He’s used as a boogyman by parents in the Land of the Crane, and is typically described as short, thin man with a distended stomach and a mouth full of razor sharp fangs.

As they look around, the group encounters a swarm of obake: giant tainted crows and rats that have become swollen with necrotic energy. The obake take a chunk out of Kumiko’s arm, but the group fights them off. Then, as they investigate further, they run into a group of zombies.

They find no one living - only death and destruction. Knowing that their village has been indelibly tainted, the group decides to raze it. They set fire to as many buildings as possible to try and cleanse the land. As they leave the village, they discover tracks leading to the west, but, spent from fighting monsters and shocked by the loss of their family, friends, and home, they decide to head back to Akamatsu.

XP: 925
Individual: 310
Running total: 530