land of the crane

Many years ago, my gaming group embarked on a campaign in a world inspired by manga, anime, and a healthy dose of kung-fu films. That campaign world eventually became the Land of the Crane, and was published for the True20 game system by Green Ronin publishing.

I recorded the adventures of our gaming group as their characters journeyed from their homeland in the south to the mountains of the north in order to deliver offerings to the great spirit known as the Fire Crane. The story of those adventures was posted to various gaming forums in an episodic format.

I've decide to repost those stories here. I've queued up all of the stories that I had previously published - and will post one every two weeks, starting July 18th. I've got enough of them written to last until next April. If enough people are following along by then, I might consider translating more of my notes into story form and continuing the series.

I've also added a dedicated page for the Land of the Crane - you'll find it in the Contents section of the sidebar. There, I will link to each of the stories. I've also included information on the campaign setting and some artwork that was commissioned for the world.

I hope you enjoy it. I had fun creating it.