the sacred and the profane

I have several exciting announcements to make regarding the ongoing adventures of Scarlett James, paranormal blogger.

First and foremost, I'd been struggling with the question of how to present Scarlett's stories. Short stories? Flash fiction? A novel? None of these worked well for the adventures I have in store for her. Recently, though, I was inspired by writer John Scalzi's announcement of his new project, The Human Division. It is "episodic fiction," and is exactly the format I was looking for.

Essentially, I'll be presenting a series of short stories that tie together in a form akin to a season of television. Each story will stand alone, but together they will create a larger narrative. Similarly, each season will have a story arc or shared theme that defines it - for example, the first season shares the theme of Sacred Geometry. Then, at the end of each season, I'll collect the stories together.

That brings me to my second announcement. I've created a page dedicated to the ongoing series, which I'm titling "The Sacred and the Profane." You will always be able to find the link in the Contents section of the sidebar. On this page, you'll find links to all of the stories of the first season, along with links to the free epub and kindle collections of the stories.

You'll also notice mention of the second season of the series, Sacred Art, which I'm happy to say is my third announcement. I'm currently at work on the first story of the season, and will likely wait to release it until I've got a couple of them complete. In the meantime, feel free to reread season one and reacquaint yourself with Scarlett and her companions.

I'm pretty happy with the direction that Scarlett's story is going, and hope that you will enjoy it, too.