Loomi asked:Dear Carpedavid,
I have some Waterford daily driver fountain pens that write wet lines. I wondered whether you knew of a dryer ink like Pelikan's that comes in shades from brown to green ranges. I know about Pelikan's brilliant brown.Cartridges and bottles are fine. Thank you for your attention to this.
Good question, Loomi. Most of the browns and greens that I’ve used come from wetter ink lines like J. Herbin and Iroshizuku. I’d suggest checking out the greens and browns of Noodler’s inks - they are thicker inks, so they generally do a good job of taming wet writing pens. The tradeoff is that they take a while to dry on Moleskine and Clairefontaine paper. They dry pretty quickly on absorbent paper like Ecosystem notebooks and copier paper.