Dear Readers,

My blog has been ad-free for most of its life. It's been a great creative outlet. However, with two small children running around, I haven't had much time to write for the last three years. But this site still gets a thousand visitors or so per month. My ink reviews are still useful to a lot of people, so, to offset the cost of hosting the site, I've added ads to the right hand side of the page.

The ads are far enough down the page not to be intrusive, I hope. They're served up by Google AdSense, so I don't have a hand in selecting what appears. Hopefully, they're tailored to you, based upon the reams of personal data the great internet gods have compiled on your interests.

If you do use an ad blocker, consider whitelisting this site so that I get the revenue from your ad impressions. If that seems like too much trouble, I won't mind. I'm not looking to buy a boat from the ad revenue, just to offset the costs of the domain and the hosting.

Hopefully I can sneak in a review or two here or there in the near future.