pens for sale

There comes a time in every pen collector's life when they must clean out their old, unused pens to make way for the new. That time has come for me. I have a small selection of pens that, for various reasons, are not what I am looking for in a writing instrument. They may, however, be exactly what you are looking for. If so, then I'm sure we can make a deal.

Each of the pens listed below has been inked and lightly used, but is in otherwise excellent condition.

If you are interested, please email me at (UPDATE: fixed email link) Payment via Paypal. Shipping included in cost within the continental US.

Montegrappa Stradaveri Limited Edition (1298/2000)
Medium 18k white gold nib
Platinum and resin. Cap topped with a topaz.
Comes with original packaging

This was the second fountain pen I ever purchased, and it has only been inked a handful of times. I learned very quickly that I don't like medium nibs, which is a shame, because it gets lots of compliments. It is now out of production, I believe.

List price: $1000. Asking $800.

Waterman Phileas
Medium gold-plated steel nib
Cartridge/converter - converter included
Pen only

This is one of the smoothest writing pens I own. I've inked it less than ten times, though. The trouble is that it's a medium nib. I plan on buying a new Waterman with a fine nib to replace it.

List price: $75. Asking $50. UPDATE: SOLD.

Pelikan M205 Blue Demonstrator
Medium steel nib
Pen only

Unlike just about everyone else in the fountain pen using world, I'm not a huge fan of Pelikan pens. I just don't like the character of the line they produce. The medium nib on the Pelikan is just slightly broader than a fine line on a Lamy. This has been inked an used several times, but is in excellent condition. The piston, in particular, is one of the smoothest I've ever seen.

List price: $115. Asking $80.

Pilot Falcon
Soft-Medium 14k gold nib
Cartridge/Converter - converter included
Pen only

I really love this pen. I just don't love the medium nib. It's an extremely wet writer, so I never end up using it. Otherwise, it's a brilliant pen. I plan on finding another pilot pen with a fine nib to replace it.

Lightly used and semi broken-in. The converter has a few drops of ink that have crept past the seal on the plunger.

List price: $300. Asking $200.

TWSBI Diamond 530
Extra-fine Steel nib
Comes with original packaging

The TWSBI Diamond 530 is the first generation of the Diamond line. It's an all-around great pen, but they recently brought out a new version in the 540. The 530's cap is a little tight, so it takes a bit of effort to screw and unscrew it. The 540 improves the feel of the cap and holds slightly more ink. This is a good opportunity to get a great deal on what it sure to become a classic pen.

If the new model hadn't been released, I wouldn't be interested in getting rid of it. It's a workhorse of a pen, and is the most used of the pens listed here.

List price: $40. Asking $20. UPDATE: SOLD.