what’s in your pen?

In a recent post, Inkophile discusses what’s in her current rotation of fountain pens. Having just received an order of ink from JetPens, now is a good time to clean things out in my collection.

Despite how often I write ink reviews, I’m actually fairly conservative with how many pens I have inked at once. I find that I don’t effectively use more than three pens at a time - a low number, I think compared to many fountain pen enthusiasts. So here is what’s in my pen rotation:

Violet EF Lamy Studio with J. Herbin 1670
EF Lamy 2000 with J. Herbin Orange Indien (one of the four inks that arrived today)
M Pilot Falcon with Iroshizuku Kon Peki

Both the Falcon and Studio are about due for refills. I think the 1670 will stay for now, but the Kon Peki will be replaced - but I’m not sure what yet. What color ink do you think I should use?