In Archipelago, the universe is filled with swashbuckling swordswomen, pistol-toting pirates, and suave spell-casters. It takes place in the world of Aetherea, an archipelago of large and small asteroids. Aetherea was originally populated by merchants seeking to establish a waypoint on the long journey through space, and is now the crossroads of the Night Sea.

Unlike our universe, the Night Sea is filled with a breathable atmosphere called ether. This makes it possible for the multitude of species populating Aetherean space to interact freely and to share a common space.

Swashbuckling Adventure

Characters in Aetherean space never do anything without a bit of derring-do, a bit of flash, a bit of flair. Everyone who is anyone knows how to use a blade and a pistol, often brandishing one in each hand; and there is always a convenient rope, or curtain, or chandelier to swing from in every scene.

Magic and Technology

In Archipelago, magic and technology exist side by side. Dwarves forge mystical swords by harnessing the heat of neutron stars. Starships glide through the Night Sea guided by elven astrologers who jealously guard their holographic maps of the cosmos. Most characters know a spell or two in addition to their skill with a blade and firearm.

Fantastic Creatures and Mythologic Races

The Night Sea is a diverse space. Numerous intelligent species have evolved on countless worlds, with the most advanced conducting extensive colonization. It is also filled with all manner of fantastic and fearsome beasts, some of whom, like the gigantic astral squid, can devour a starship whole.